All new and revised statistical data are released and published by the Economics Department of the Central Bank of Samoa are released here. The statistical tables are available in three formats: HTML format (for viewing on the web), Adobe Acrobat format and Microsoft Excel format.

Release Dates Calendar

The calendar of statistical tables scheduled for release is updated on the bank's website every monday afternoons. Revisions to data are generally published when a table is next updated and released. Major revisions and backdates are undertaken quarterly, and a Special note is attached to the table. Should revisions need to be made more promptly, a note is posted on the website in "Revisions to Tables".

Statistical Tables

This section is grouped into seven major categories. Immediately following is a very brief description of the contents for each category. More detailed descriptions, and notes commenting on significant issues or developments for each table, are available at the table level. The major categories are:

Symbols and Conventions

The following symbols have been used throughout:
(Number) =
(p) = Provisional
®  = Revised figure
 -  = Nil or Zero
M = Missing item

  • As a result of rounding, the sum of separate items may differ from the total shown.
  • Percentage changes are calculated prior to rounding. Thus percentage changes calculated using the rounded figures in the tables may not agree exactly with those presented.
  • Material published in our website Statistical tables may be used without restriction, but acknowledgement would be appreciated.

Last Updated: 11 Jul 2021