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The Central Bank of Samoa is the nation's reserve bank and, as such, it acts as a bank to the Government and the commercial banks.

What's New

CBS Invites Feedback to “Sustainable Finance” Online Survey

This is the second press release that the CBS has issued since last year regarding sustainable finance.  Sustainable finance simply means the provision of any financial service or product for investment purposes that takes into account the impacts of that investment on our environment, social and governance structures. The rationale is to avoid financing projects that would damage our environment, or would have any negative impact on our social or governance structures.

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Cash Transaction Reporting

1.  The Central Bank of Samoa’s Database System on Cash Transaction Reporting has gone live! And this is part of our continuous efforts to address anti-money laundering issues, as well as countering terrorist financing.  This is to also ensure that we play our part in addressing the correspondent bank de-risking issue.

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Sterling Investors Life Insurance

The Insurance Commissioner advises the public that the insurance licence of the above-named company is now in the process of cancellation, which is in accordance with section 71 of the Insurance Act 2007.

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