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The Central Bank of Samoa is the nation's reserve bank and, as such, it acts as a bank to the Government and the commercial banks.

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Samoa banking system remains sound in the face of the global crises

The March 2023 banking crises in the United States of America that have seen the collapse of two of its major regional banks and lenders with ties to the technological start-up industry (the Silicon Valley Bank and the Signature Bank) as well as the winding down of operations of crypto-focused Silvergate Bank have no direct impact on Samoa’s banking system to date.  Similarly, the four licensed commercial banks (2 local banks and 2 foreign subsidiary banks) in Samoa have no direct banking relationships with the failed Credit Suisse Bank in Switzerland.

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It has come to the attention of the Central Bank of Samoa (CBS) that there is an app game on the social media site Facebook that is using our logo (refer to screenshots).

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